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‘Big Indian's Do Karma Movement' - ‘a thoughtful idea with committed people can change the world' is inspired by Oprah Winfrey's unbelievable work towards humanity.

Big Indian is very inspired by the work of Oprah Winfrey and her immense contribution to the enhancement of lives of women, children and families around the globe.

The essence of Karma Yatra evolved with the launching of ‘ Big Indian's Do Karma Movement'.

September 1 st marked the launch of Big Indian's Do Karma foundation. Big Indian's Do Karma foundation is a non profit foundation which aims to empower under privileged children, women and families across India through various initiatives executed by the process of Karma Yatra®.

The process of Karma Yatra® is continued by introducing the ‘Big Indian Do Karma Movement' . The movement was launched on the 1st of September as part of the Karma Yatra® process and will run in quarter long competitive cycles. In alliance with Naandi foundation our teams will be adopting schools. The movement will work towards enhancing the lives of those children who need us the most through different initiatives.

‘Big Indian's Do Karma Movement' surely gives us an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others who are less privileged than we are by utilizing our time, our talents and opening our hearts. This also gives us an opportunity to see the world in a different way.

“Being a part of Karma Yatra® has been a privilege. I thank-you all for giving me this opportunity to connect with you. I know with our ongoing Do Karma Movement we will change lives and our lives will continue to change in that process…that is a guarantee. The joy we will experience when we give a part of ourselves to enrich the lives of others cannot be described in words. I am really excited and charged. Let us show the world in our own way that we care about each other. Looking into the hopeful eyes of children who want to study and fulfill their dreams makes me realize how much we can do and should do to help them reach their goals in life. My biggest thanks to the Oprah Winfrey show which has been one of my biggest inspirations and has made me realize how lucky I am and how much I can do with my life…we love you Oprah”.- Big Indian

Big Indian's Do Karma Movement- Heart Song

Chalte Chale Ja Rahen Hain
Mann Mein Umange Liye Hum
Manzil to hogi Kahin Na Kahin
Yeh Hai Apne Dil Ko Yakeen

Shaam To Hoti Hai Raat Aati Hai
Suraj ko kab tak Chupa Pati Hai
Rahon Main Kitne Bhi Ho Mushkilain
Ruk Na Na Jab Tak ki Manzil Milein
Girke Koi Hara Nahin
Hume Harna Gawara Nahin
Hai Apne Dil Ko Yakin

Gar Chaand Tak Hote Ye Raste
Nikalte Thhe Hum Uske Bhi Vaste
Seenae Mein Dhadkan Hai Aakhoon Main Noor
Maksad Nahin Humse Aab Aur Dur
Haar Haal Main Darna Nahin
Jitaenge Saang Jeevan Ka Jaang
Hai Apne Dil ko Yakeen
Chalte Chale Ja Rahen Hain


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