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Date yourself for a day

Well, I have been in dating hell for the last month or so. Met four different guys in the last few weeks and they all turned out to be disasters. Guy No. 1 was extremely conscious of ‘who I am’ and all he could do to make me feel bad about what I have achieved. Guy No. 2 was super nice to me (too nice actually) but after a couple of dates he felt that I was too high rolling for him (When did wanting wontons for Sunday brunch become a crime?). Guy No. 3 was a ‘mowino’ addict (Movie+wine). We watched fashion thrice and drank wine before and after the movie. When I realized that the fourth date would be walking on the same ramp, I realized the malfunction and immediately chose to retire from being a super model. Guy No. 4 was in love with the idea of how I would look if I lost 100 pounds (he happened to see my brother’s picture and started to visualise me lighter).

I know it’s very hard to find a great match, but how much do we really need to compromise in trying to make it work? I surely do not want to lose myself in trying to make a date work, but I also love the idea of having a perfect date.

I decided to take myself on a date with myself for an entire day (something I have never done). A date where I pamper myself, make myself and do memorable things for myself.. I call it the ‘date yourself for a day’ phenomena. Here is what the day looked like:

7 am woke up with fresh red roses being delivered to me (I ordered them the night before) wishing me a great day.

8 am Jumped into a quick Ashtanga Yoga session with my best friend.

10 am Home cooked idlis with the best gun power and ghee.

11 am Pampered myself at the spa with the ‘Live life Queen Size’ spa package. Trust me a glow facial, body polish, aroma therapy massage and mani-pedi won’t kill you.

2:30 pm Sushi Lunch with another dear friend of mine (with a Green Tea Martini!)

4 pm Hired a professional photographer to take a portrait of my friends and me (dressed in all our glory) in the city’s best studio.

6 pm went to the theatre and watched a play by myself.

9 pm Had dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant.

11 pm Came home with hot chocolate waiting for me. Followed by a Good night prayer thanking God for a great day.

‘Date yourself for a day’ might seem odd to some people. Trust me it’s the best thing you can gift yourself.

Honestly, it’s very important for us to treat ourselves the same way we would want others to treat us. We often spend so much time waiting for someone else to make us feel special or making others feel special. Maybe it’s time we do the same for ourselves.

 You can email your experiences to ayush@bigindian.in Ayush Maheshwari, more popularly known as ‘Big Indian’ is an IT wizard, motivational expert, pop singer, TV performer and a social worker

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