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Ayush Maheshwari more popularly known as the Big Indian was born in Kolkata
He is a true entertainer at heart on and off stage. His dream is to make the most number of friends in the world. He surely is on the right track.

His friends in the US fondly gave him the nickname ‘Big Indian’ due the size of his heart and body.

At 12, he left home in Calcutta and headed to Bombay with stardust in his eyes and was told he is too fat to be on TV. So at the age of 24 he decided to partner with Virgin Records and launched an album featuring a song called Motu Badtameez(Fatty is Sassy) which aired on music channels like MTV, Channel V and others after its launch. The same MTV which once said 'NO' to Ayush...later announced a competition between the Big Indian and Adnan Sami. Ayush does not take 'No' for an answer

He failed his 12th standard maths exam. He ran away from his hotel management course.

He became one of the youngest Director of a company called 'Automatic Data Processing, Inc'- Fortune 200 company at 23. This probably changed US corporate history.

He once stopped traffic in Mumbai to break into a dance that had hundreds join him in an impromptu jig. Incidents like this are pretty common in Ayush's life. Recently Ayush got an entire coach in a local train to sing and dance with him on their way home from Churchgate at peak hours. When Ayush is around anything is possible. Feel free to contact us for a personal rollercoaster experience.

He has performed to large audiences numerous live entertainment shows. While singing, dancing or hosting he knows how to have a lot of fun.

He started an employee relationship management program in India that helps companies build strong connections with their employees, their families and society, through a process called 'Karma Yatra' which has positively impacted the lives of employees. Companies like Oracle, i-Vantage, ADP, Acuma, AutoStyleMart and many others have incorporated this process as a team building, stress busting and attrition management initiative.

Inspired by Oprah Winfrey, he started a non profit movement called 'The Do Karma Movement' to help underprivileged women and children across the country. This is a revolutionary step towards how Corporate Social Responsibility is defined in the country. He has participated as a panel expert with FICCI on this subject.

Over the years Ayush has participated in various forums as a motivational speaker. He has grasped and positively impacted diverse audiences globally addressing a variety of topics/issues which include drug abuse, suicide rates, lack of motivation among nurses, true meaning of corporate social responsibility, be the best you can be in business etc. Be it executive MBA students from Columbia University or the de motivated nurses at a local hospital they have all taken home a part of Ayush's spirit with them. Ayush believes that no matter in whatever situation one is in life...they are not alone and he believes in creating that support system for people.

He refuses to carry a business card with him. He believes that once you meet him you will never forget him. And you will surely not forget his big bear hug as he doesn’t shake hands.

He was once told that No one would be interested to write about his work. The fact is that he has been featured by most major newspaper publications in India. Has appeared on most national TV channels.

He was a part of of the reality TV show ‘Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket’ on 9X as one of the audition judges. He focused on motivating the contestants during the auditions countrywide.

He wrote a controversial weekly national column called ‘Straight from the heart’ which has had an unbelievable response. This is his way to create more awareness and acceptance in society in general

His life runs on one mantra 'Making the impossible possible' and bringing the best in people.

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