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Big Indian is a way of life. Dreaming big, working big, achieving big, celebrating big and sharing big. Ayush strongly believes that life is a journey of ‘living’ possibilities. It’s about making the impossible possible. He believes that every Indian is a Big Indian. He believes in appreciating and acknowledging this fact. We are all stars.

Ayush had a tough childhood. He converted his weaknesses into his strengths. This is where his growth started. He says, ‘We are always in a work in progress mode….as long as we are positively moving….we keep growing’.

 Ayush has dedicated his life to bring the best in himself and people he comes in contact with. The Big Indian album, Karma Yatra, The Do Karma Movement, the columns, the upcoming TV show etc are all mediums to reach out to people and share the Bigness life has to offer.

Its my dream (reality) to bring in people from all walks of life and create a universal affirmation and appreciation system. This ‘Big Indian’ nucleus will enable and enhance peoples’ dreams for ever and ever. I am eternally grateful’.

Big Hugs,


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